When getting ready to list your property for sale, focus on the interior decor, but don’t neglect maximizing your home’s curb appeal.
First impressions are as important in real estate as they are in life. Pulling up to your property, what will potential buyers’ think? Out back, will they picture themselves whiling away the summer relaxing in the back yard with family and friends or will they get distracted wondering about the number of frogs potentially swimming in the green swamp in the deep end of your half-empty pool?

If you are getting ready to list your house on the market, here are a couple of landscaping tricks to help you get the highest potential value out of your property.

The quickest way to make a big splash is to buy matching flower pots. Place them all around your grounds and fill them with beautiful mature plants that match the vibe of your house. Distribute widely. Place some on the balconies and terraces, around the pool, on either side of entries.

Next: plant some low-maintenance perennials that will grow back every year without too much fuss and generate a pop of colour around your house.
In your flowerbeds, mulch is your friend! You can choose from a variety of different colours, that smell great, are organic, improve the topsoil and prevent weeds. Mulch’s relatively inexpensive, long lasting— about 1 to 2 years— easy to apply and, done right, it will enhance appeal of your garden instantly.

But if all you really want to do is eliminate your landscaping chores as much as possible, you can swap out your traditional lawn for a low-maintenance lawn (slow-growing and low-height turf grasses fescues, and wear-tolerant broadleaf species such as clover). You’ll only have mow it a couple of times a year and it doesn’t need any watering, pesticides, and just a bit of fertilizer.

Perhaps, it’s something you should consider! Low-maintenance grass radically reduces the time it takes to maintain your lawn and is good for the environment!

Obviously, don’t forget to start with a good and thorough spring cleaning!

Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.