During the summer, with many homebuyers sitting on docks, many would-be home sellers sitting on fences. They hesitate, wondering whether they may have missed the spring market or whether the best is yet to come.

Traditionally in Quebec the real-estate market’s demand dipped in the depths of summer— from St. Jean Baptiste to the end of the Construction Holidays. However, due to the widespread use of technology among homebuyers this seasonality in the demand in the local real estate market is quickly disappearing. As a result, the hot selling season was earlier, is now as well as all summer long. So dive in, the market conditions are just wonderful.

In recent years, mobile devices have created an « always-on » mentality among their users— which, let’s face it, is increasingly everyone. Homebuyers in particular, looking for every advantage to locate their dream homes in a tight seller’s market use the latest technological advances to get an edge over their competitors. While they may be on holiday, the most tech savvy home buyers set automated alerts for properties that match their characteristics. These latest tech tricks means that they’re always looking.

Sellers should keep their properties always-at-the-ready— for a potential showing— which may mean making some adjustments in their summer routines.

  • During the summer, keep your home’s air-conditioning slightly lower than you would normally. This will create the impression that the house is a crisp and cool hideaway from the summer heat. While this may increase your energy consumption slightly, it may help sell your home faster then if it’s hot, steamy and dank during an unexpected viewing.
  • Keep cool drinks on hand for would-be purchasers, maybe they rushed to make it to the appointment. Water bottles are standard, home made lemonade is a nice extra touch. Placing any type of beverage in an ice bucket immediately elevates it and makes it seem extra thirst quenching.
  • Even during the day, keep all the interior lights in your home on. If it’s very sunny outside, this will help buyers adjust to the difference in light faster once inside. This includes those in hallways, closets and under cabinets.
  • Even more so that any other time of the year, maintaining your property’s curb appeal during the summer is super important. This means landscaping and
    maintaining any grounds at the front of your house in full bloom. If rain’s scarce, be sure to keep your lawn watered and green. Clear all vines and overgrowth from windows. Also patrol for spiders and cobwebs on a daily basis— these critters are very active at this time of year.
  • At the back, any patio or balcony areas should be swept of debris and feel welcoming. If you have a pool, make sure it is sparkling clean and inviting.
  • A final touch that’s nice is to cut a selection of flowers that grow in your garden displayed in vases throughout the home. There is something about having cut flowers from your garden that makes a house extra special!
    Remember, just a few small touches make an enormous difference in how your property shows to potential summer buyers. And, please… Don’t let a vacation stop you from selling.
    Hand over the keys of your property to your Real Estate Broker and leave worry free.

    Remember, I am only a phone call away if you have any questions.

All the best, Claudia