Nowadays, it seems like real estate agents are everywhere, literally. Your best friend’s wife is an agent, your neighbor’s nephew is an agent, your tennis coach is a part-time agent, it seems like everyone either is or knows an agent.

Well, believe or not, I sometimes get calls from people asking me questions about their own agent. Some of them picked the agent they knew and they are now having doubts. Knowing someone doesn’t make this person the right choice or the perfect fit for your needs. If you are questioning your decision, here are a few things you should consider.

#1 Set your boundaries

My first tip may seem like an obvious one: never underestimate the importance of setting your boundaries, even if it is someone you know and trust. Be clear in terms of what you want, what you expect from this important transaction whether you are selling or buying a property. Once that’s done, you will feel more relaxed and if something unpredictable happens, your agent will know where you stand. And remember – communication is key throughout the entire process.

#2 Inquire about your agent’s marketing plan

Another important factor when choosing the right real estate agent is MARKETING. Does your agent have a marketing plan? We live in a world where we are bombarded by marketing, everywhere we go, online and offline. Social media ads, newspapers, magazines, billboards ads, google ads, you name it! Having great pictures of your house is one of the most crucial element of your broker’s marketing strategy. If you are not completely satisfied with the pictures your agent took, don’t be shy to advise him. This will make or break your entrance on the housing market! Trust me…it could change everything!!! Don’t settle for the good old agent that will just sit and wait. With all the tools available today, you must find a proactive agent that will create a buzz around your property.

#3 Find a good listener

You need to feel comfortable with your broker, meaning that you are able to talk freely and know that your agent actively listens to you. A good broker knows the market and is an excellent listener; he or she is aware of your thoughts and needs, and will seek to find the right solution for you. Your real estate agent will be in your life throughout the entire sale or purchase process. That person will become your new BFF. Trust me, you will be talking almost everyday!

#4 Read the code of ethics

All agents have a code of ethics to follow. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with it : 2018-code-of-ethics-standards-of-practice. Your agent must be there to open the door to your property, it’s his JOB! He or she acts on your behalf. Your broker is excepted to be there to greet the visitors and to answer all their questions. Your real estate agent should know all the details and characteristics of your property, and be aware of all the documentation.

#5 Don’t focus on commission

A lot of people make the mistake of choosing a real estate agent solely based on his commission.


Some brokers have perfected their own marketing techniques and dedicate a significant amount of money on your property’s advertising budget. Dealing with an agent that has a large advertising budget might allow you to gain greater exposure and get in front of more buyers. On the other hand, if the only benefit an agent brings to the table is a cheap fee, ask yourself why. Is the agent desperate for business or unqualified? Does he or she have enough market knowledge to counsel you? A good agent works hard to earn his commission!

Don’t settle for less, find the right real estate agent for your needs. Call me if you wish to put your house on the market or buy a new property, I will be glad to advise you!