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Home Evaluation vs Municipal Assessments

  Spring is right around the corner which means that we all got our tax in the mail already and our new 2019-2020-2021 municipal assessment is in. While some of you will be happy to see an increase in their property’s value, others might complain about a decreased assessment value. No matter if you are…

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  Are you finally ready to buy your first home? Have you started browsing real estate websites to find the hidden gem? You have been dreaming about your perfect home: a newly renovated property located downtown with four bedrooms and a spacious backyard, walking distance to all commodities including great schools. All of that for…

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Nowadays, it seems like real estate agents are everywhere, literally. Your best friend’s wife is an agent, your neighbor’s nephew is an agent, your tennis coach is a part-time agent, it seems like everyone either is or knows an agent. Well, believe or not, I sometimes get calls from people asking me questions about their…

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