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Houses & Homes: Home showing during the holidays – To decorate or not to decorate

Halloween is barely over and all the retail stores are already filled with glittery ornaments and home decorations for the Holidays. If your property is currently on the market, you might be asking yourself whether it is in your own best interest to decorate. Well, after all, it is the season to be jolly!

That being said, you must be very careful when it comes to decorating your home for the Holidays while you are trying to sell it. To avoid mishaps, I have put together a list of simple guidelines to follow.

#1 Opt for classic, tasteful decorations

The festive season can play in your favour when it comes to selling your home. However, you must be selective in terms of what you choose to put up. Pick some tasteful, modern decorations that will not detract from your property’s best features. Take this opportunity to make your home as cozy and welcoming as possible. Limit yourself to two to three decoration colors; for example red and gold with white accents. You want your house to look classy not tacky. No inflatable snowman, plastic reindeer or “Santa is here” doormat. In other words, if it was “in” in the 80s it should stay where it belongs stored away somewhere in your basement.

#2 Less is more

Do not over do it. Try to keep your decorations to a minimum. I recommend only using white lights, not multi-colored ones as these can be quite distracting. The objective is to make your house appealing to prospects buyers while giving it a cheery vibe for the Holidays. Decorations should not be too eye-catching and disruptive. Also, avoid clutters, stay away from any religious symbols, and do not obstruct big windows and nice views with large decorations. Like I said “Less is more.”

#3 Don’t take up too much space

A Christmas tree typically takes up an important amount of space in the living room; if your space is already limited consider placing it in another room. Having a gigantic tree can make a room appear much smaller. You want to avoid this at all cost. Remember you want to sell your house, not win the best Christmas tree contest. Choose a strategic location for your tree, a least filled space. Placing it in the basement might be an interesting option to consider. There is typically more unused floor space down there. Put your Holiday cards away and keep your wrapped gifts neatly pilled up in the garage or in a closet.

#4 Make a good first impression

Do not underestimate the importance of curb appeal. Buyers prospecting the neighbourhood for a new home will examine closely your property’s exterior. This is why, you should always keep your driveway, steps, and sidewalks free of snow. Add in a little salt to prevent unfortunate accidents. The last thing you want is having potential buyers injure themselves while climbing up your outdoor stairs. Finally, the entrance hall is your chance to “wow” prospective buyers. Keep it clean and put away any unnecessary items to make it look as spacious as possible. Add in an elegant touch with tasteful yet minimal decorations. Remove any personal items such as Holiday cards or kids’ drawings. You want potential buyers to envision themselves living in your house.

I hope you found these tips useful! If you need help staging your house for the Holidays or have any questions about the selling process, I am only a phone call away.

Wishing you all a joyous Holiday season!


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