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Winter Wonderland House Checklist

Winter is at our doorstep and Mother Nature will soon cover our land with a white blanket…

Here are a few tips to make sure that you are all set before the first snowfall:

  • Organize and clean your yard, rake leaves off and don’t forget to empty your gutters.
  • Protect your small trees and plants; pay special attention to the most fragile specimens of your garden.
  • Make sure that all your hedges are covered, your decorative cedars are well protected, your windows are clean and all the spider webs are gone!
  • If you are thinking about selling your house this winter, make sure that you have pictures of all your property areas before they are buried in snow and keep a list of everything you have done to keep the property in good shape in wintertime.

Keep in mind that your house needs to look its best to capture the attention of prospect buyers.

Even if Tempo shelters are accepted in some municipalities, I would recommend not to install one when your house is for sale! Why will you ask? Simply because it might hide an area of the house, obstruct the windows and put a veil on the character of your property.

While a Tempo shelter might make your life easier, it is definitely not the best addition to your winter and holiday decor unless you are very, very creative. Remember that while your house is on the market, it is key to maintain a clean and easy access to your door and driveway. You never want your house to look neglected at any time, especially after a storm. Get a snow removal contract or offer your favorite little neighbor some money to keep your entrance free of snow.

Keep your house impeccable this winter. Take advantage of the increased visibility that your house will get with families and friends visiting the neighborhood for the Holidays. It might require an extra effort but it will be compensated by an increased payoff.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you think about selling your house and require some help to set it up for a quick sale.

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