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Quebec’s Floods: Coping with Mother Nature’s Devastating Mood Swing

As you know the West Island community has been deeply affected by the flood. Hundreds of homeowners have reported dangerous rising water levels and several highways and streets have been closed until further notice.


In this time of crisis, we must remain strong and support each other – neighbors, family and friends!

I have answered, over the last few days, several questions in regards to this highly unfortunate situation. I thought I should contact an expert who could address my concerns and give me the right answers to many… many of my questions…

I reached out to a specialist, Christian P. Foisy, President of Consilium Assurance Group and picked his brain in order to be able to share with you key findings about insurance and coverage in case of a flood.

Here are my questions… and his answers.

Flood!! Am I Covered? Is my house insured against flooding?

Mr. Foisy: Contracts generally cover damages caused by unforeseeable events. Damage to your home caused by hail, snow, wind or ice can be covered, depending on the coverage provided by your insurance policy. Some insurers in Quebec offer flood protection. However, you might have to compare quotes between different insurers or hire a broker who will do it for you, in order to find the right coverage for your situation – indeed, some insurers have not yet developed products of this type.

Is my motor vehicle insured in the event of a flood?
Auto insurance policies differ from home insurance policies. If you have the “All Risks” protection in your contract than your motor vehicle is covered. « All Risks » covers all damages, including those caused by a flood.

My house is flooded, who can provide me financial assistance?

  1. Contact your insurance company or insurance broker. He or she will verify your insurance policy and explain how to proceed.
  2. Check with your municipality. For flooding, your municipality is a front-line worker. It works closely with the government who in turn collaborates with a disaster financial assistance program.

How do I facilitate my claim?

  • Make an inventory of your damaged or destroyed property
  • Take photos or video of the destroyed property before disposing of it

To this end, the Property and Casualty Insurance Chamber invites you to download an electronic version of the property inventory (in Excel format).

I have to leave my house due to a natural disaster, am I covered?
Depending on the situation, your insurer can cover the living expenses of a disaster. Several factors come into play: have you received an evacuation order or are you leaving your property voluntarily?

Keep all receipts for expenses incurred while you were away from your home (food, hotels, etc.). Depending on the nature of the claim and the insurance contract, these costs may be reimbursable.

I hope this blog has provided you with the answers you were looking for. If you have any other questions about insurance coverage, please do not hesitate to contact:

Christian P. Foisy
514-312-7190 #320

Meanwhile, the flood continues to touch thousands of families across Canada and in our own community. As a gesture of support, I encourage everyone to help by donating at:
Red Cross

Partage Action West Island Community Share: Special Fund, Neighbors Relief Fund
514.695.8694 or

You can also make a difference by becoming a volunteer for the cleanup:
Put your name and contact information on the Volunteers’ list by sending an email to:

A Facebook group has also been created to coordinate volunteer efforts in the West Island.
West Island Flood Volunteers

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