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Perfect house set-up for Fall


As the cold season sets in, making your house attractive to a potential buyer might take a little extra effort. If you have big threes on your property and landscaping areas, the front yard and the garden might need a little more organization. Despite their amazing colors and textures, fallen leaves and faded perennials require extra care to keep your property neat and perfect. Remember, your new buyer is looking for a dream house… No need to bring any attention to the joyful raking activity that awaits the new owner year after year as fall is around the corner.

So, even if it is more difficult to upkeep everything because of the rainy and muddy days, it is important to keep your property looking fabulous.

Here are a couple of tips:

Blow away or vacuum/shred leaves. Leaves blower/vacuum are inexpensive and can get a lot done in a minimum of time. You can also start thinking of a major fall clean up with a specialized company. It’s a good investment and your land will be easier to maintain by yourself thereafter.
Think about buying some beautiful fall flowers to put in your pots as a replacement to your summer flowers. Here are some examples: asters, pansies, kale, echinacea and chrysanthemum.

Please cut all your flowers and bushes so even if there’s nothing in your flower beds it will look clean! But don’t throw anything away just yet… some of your dried up hydrangea can turn into amazing pot fillers.

Now that your yard is all organized, why not add Fall harvest decorative accents to your front porch?  Make it easy and be creative: use colorful branches, cornhusks and stalks, raffia and straw to fill your emptied planters and vases. Use pumpkins and gourds to complete the set up. If you want to trigger your creativity, do not hesitate to have a look online. Pinterest and some specialized websites can help you find ideas to work with material you already have on-hand.

If you plan to have a festive Halloween, make sure that all your spooky material will disappear on the first day of November.

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