Claudia Lefebvre

Make Your House Bloom for the Summer

Thinking about selling your house this summer? Been on the market for a few months now? Give your house a sun-drenched look!


Your home only gets one chance to make a first impression! And of course, you want to make a great one!

In the summertime, this means that you have to step up your landscaping game and make sure to ‘wow’ potential buyers at first glance. Today, I will share a few quick fix you can do to increase your home’s curb appeal and
make it picture ready for the summer.

#1 Buy Flower Boxes

Beautiful, full-bloomed flowers will bring a splash of colour and liveliness to your front porch. Get rid of last year’s dead flower corpses and purchase some new ones. Do not rely on Mother Nature to help you, we all know what an unreliable lady she can be! This is why I recommend that you buy flowers that are already in full bloom.

#2 Keep Your Lawn Healthy & Remove Weeds

First things first, you have to mow your lawn at least once a week during the summer. Adjust the cutting blade of your lawn mower for the first cut of the year. You want to make sure to remove dead grass and allow sunlight to reach the roots.

It is also the perfect time to fertilize your lawn. Don’t forget to sprinkle your grass every now and then to keep it growing strong and green.

Finally, pick and remove the remaining weeds. The objective is to show that your landscape has been well maintained all year long. Make it seem “Easy breezy”! This way potential buyers won’t feel like they’ll have to spend 5 hours a week on lawn maintenance.

#3 Trim the Hedges

Another essential step is to prune your leafy shrubs and hedges. It will make your house even more welcoming!

#4 Get Your Backyard Ready

Does your pool look like a frog pond? You better get to it now before it scares off prospective buyers. Get your swimming pool ready for the summer: clean it up, balance your chemicals and empty the filter.

Next, bring out your outdoor furniture and your patio set. Don’t forget to set up your sun umbrella. Make sure that everything is spick and span. You want your terrace to be inviting! Even if it’s chilly and sometimes 15 degrees outside, your backyard should be laid out as if it is a hot summer day.

Quick tip – if you have a visit on a colder summer day/night, bring out your patio heaters to keep your guests warm. Plus, they’ll see how pleasant your backyard can be!

#5 Put Away the Winter Stuff

You’ll also want to remove any winter items that are still lying around your front porch or backyard. This includes winter doormats, snow shovels, and any motorized winter equipment.

At last, your house is finally picture ready! If your property is already on the market, replace your outdoor pictures by some brand new ones. Remember, it’s your chance to make a lasting first impression on potential buyers browsing online!

If you are thinking about putting your property up for sale, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to answer all of your questions and assist you in this important transaction.

Until next time, I will you all a beautiful beginning of summer!


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