Claudia Lefebvre

Love at first sight

Even if we all wish buying a house would be a business, rational decision… it is simply not! When it comes to buying a new home, emotions drive our purchase behaviour and we soon get butterflies in the stomach: it’s love at first sight!

However, even though you have found the house of your dreams, you have to face factual elements that might make you reconsider your choice. This time you will have to deal with other family members.

Sooner than later, discussions will arise and you will hear yourself say:
« Honey, as we are moving into a new house, should we think about getting an extra bathroom? Soon our sweet little girls will be teenagers and they will spend hours getting ready in the bathroom. You’ll be late for work waiting for it to go free. Should we look into this amazing area close to everything; the mall, the grocery store, the train station and walking distance to the school? »

Get ready for these questions to pop up in your head. Discussions with your spouse and your kids will help you sort out the « musts » from the wishes and the « nice to have ».

Before starting your hunt for a new home, make a list of the essential features you are looking for. This way, Cupid won’t be able to play tricks on you and make you fall for the charms of a house that isn’t good enough for you or your family.

I wish you lots of love this February. Please do not hesitate to contact me to chat about a crush you have on a property or for any other question you may have.

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