Claudia Lefebvre

Hello 2017!

The New Year has arrived, celebrations are over and evidence of our generosity is all over our credit card statements!


You have now decided to make a list of resolutions to kick off the New Year. And somewhere on this list, between staying in shape and snacking less in front of the TV, you have decided to put your house on the market. Let me help you jotting down a list of questions to cover all aspects of your sale and ensure that you have thought of everything to make your plan succeed.

  • Where will we go when the house gets sold?
  • Are we moving in a larger or smaller house? Should we consider looking at condos?
  • Are we staying in the neighborhood, moving to a different area or city?
  • What is the cost of moving?
  • Should we buy a fairly new house or should we look at houses that were built a couple of decades ago?
  • Electricity, plumbing or roofing… Are important renovations needed?
  • Can we handle some of the upgrades ourselves? Should we get a handy man to do some work or hire a contractor?
  • Should we get the help of a professional to evaluate the cost of any improvement in order to avoid surprises?
  • Are you thinking about moving into a condo?
  • Did you look at the history of the condo fees?
  • Does the syndicate of owners have a reserve fund for maintenance or a plan that will cover the cost of scheduled enhancements or major repairs?
  • If something ever happens, can you afford to pay a special assessment?

Now that you have found answers to all of these questions, you will most likely be on the right track to succeed with your house sale resolution.

Happy New Year!

Please do not hesitate to contact me to chat about your resolutions or for any other question you may have.

In the meantime, you can visit my website to find or sell your dream house:



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