Claudia Lefebvre

A Merry House for the Holiday Season

As the Holidays draw near, new opportunities are available to you if your house is on the market.


Here are a few tips to make sure your property is as attractive it can be for someone who wants to start the new year in a new home. First, if your house has been on the market for a few months, you will need to swap the pictures of your property for wintery ones… if it’s not already done! Indeed, your house should always be marketed in accordance to seasonality. Showing a summery decor of your property in mid-December gives a hint that your house has been on the market for quite a while.

Last month, we talked about cleaning up the land around your house, now let’s cover the interior of your home. Christmas is in a few days and the New Year is on its way but this shouldn’t stop you from attracting prospects who want to gift themselves a new property.

Let’s start by being as objective as possible about the condition and appearance of your house. Remember that the prospect buyer should not be distracted by anything upon its first visit and feel at home at first glance. So the key word is depersonalize.

  • Start by removing all the family pictures, anything too personal including trinkets: the environment should be as neutral as possible.
  • Set up all Holiday decorations so your home looks warm, enchanting and cozy.
  • If you had to move a couch around to fit the Christmas tree in the best spot, make sure you rearrange your set up in an optimal way and give enough space to walk around the furniture.
  • Look at your bookshelves and check if an entire wall does not disappear behind too many books. If so, remove a few, so it looks more open and tidy.
  • Clean your windows, inside and out
  • Clear your kitchen and bathroom counters.
  • Store away from your sight any clutter or furniture that makes your home look crowded.

Finally, warm up an apple pie in the oven to fill the air with a comfort food aroma and feel free to offer a piece to your prospect buyer. Everybody can appreciate a sweet intention in a place that they might choose to be their next home.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are thinking about selling your house and require some help to set it up for a quick sale.

In the meantime, you can visit my website to find or sell your dream house:

Happy Holidays!



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