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4 Reasons Why Placing a Vacant House on the Market is a Big No-No!

Over the course of my career as a Real Estate Broker, I have realized that selling an empty property is no easy task.


Are you considering selling a vacant house? Think again!
Here are the top 4 reasons why this might not be in your best interest:

#1 Visualization

Generally speaking, people have a hard time visualizing their belongings in an empty house. Having furniture, even if it is very minimal, greatly helps potential buyers to visualize the amount of space each room has to offer. The existing furniture serves as a point of reference. Potential buyers can assess more easily if there is enough room for their sectional sofa or their king size bed when they can compare it to the furniture currently occupying the space.

#2 Emotional appeal

Buying a house is like falling in love. People want to purchase a house that appeals to their emotions and in which they feel comfortable. They seek a warm, welcoming home that will charm them instantly. An empty house is like an empty soul, nothing charming about that! It is therefore important to furnish your property, even minimally, before you put it on the market. You want potential buyers to feel at home.

#3 Flaws alert

When a property is empty, it draws attention to its flaws. Evidently, potential buyers have nothing else to stare at than your house’s imperfections. Therefore, they are more likely to notice every scratch, crack, chipped paint, and so on. When a house is furnished, buyers do not focus as much on the house’s flaws. They are too busy picturing themselves cooking in your kitchen or figuring out if there is enough space for their bed in the master bedroom.

#4 Aesthetics

A well-furnished house is more visually appealing than an empty one. It gives a spirit to your house. Once again people will feel more at home and picture themselves living in this property more easily if it is furnished. Also, a beautifully decorated house leaves a lasting impression on the buyer. As a matter of fact, an empty house will seem cold to a potential buyer who need to feel at ease and comfortable in order to consider making an offer.

If your house is empty and you wish to put it on the market, here’s my recommendation:

Do not over complicate the task ahead. If you have unused furniture in your basement, your garage or in storage, furnish the house with it and do the best you can to create a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Another solution is to call upon a Home Stager. There are plenty of great ones to choose from nowadays. These home-staging specialists will rent furniture on your behalf and stage up your property in order to make it look its best.

Oh and don’t forget another important point:
During the winter, keep heating your house and during the summer, keep running your air conditioning. You want potential buyers to feel as comfortable as possible during their visit! If you have any questions or seek guidance for the sale of your house, do not hesitate to contact me. I would be glad to work with you in order to put your property in front of serious buyers.

In the meantime, you can visit my website to sell or find your perfect new home


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