You just received a call from your Real Estate Broker telling you that interested buyers are coming over for a viewing in a couple of hours. There are toys and cat hair everywhere even on the sofa, so many things to do and so little time.

Don’t panic! Unless you are amongst the lucky ones who sell their house after only a few showings, chances are you will have to get your house pre-visit ready at lease a dozen times. To help you through the pre-viewing house preparation process and to make sure you do not forget anything, I have put together a simple to-do list. Keep it close it might come in handy!

Clean/Dust/Replace as needed:

✓ Light bulbs
✓ Light switch covers
✓ Door knobs
✓ All doors
✓ Windows
✓ Baseboards
✓ Walls
✓ Ceilings
✓ Ceiling fans in bathrooms
✓ AC intake vents
✓ Moldings
✓ Blinds
✓ Carpets
✓ Fireplace
✓ AC/Heater vents
✓ Interior paint touch ups

Living room:

✓ De-clutter
✓ Keep all furniture cleared and cleaned
✓ All toys should be stored and out off sight
✓ Use pillows and throws to soften the space

Dining room:

✓ Keep dinning table clear except for candles or one nice centerpiece
✓ Bottom of the chandelier should be at a min. 60” from the floor
✓ Table should have 6 to 8 chairs max.


✓ Clean all items from kitchen countertops
✓ Clean tile grout; bleach if needed
✓ Clean, scrub, polish the sink to look like it’s new again
✓ Clean all appliances
✓ Clear the fridge of all magnets, drawings, pictures, etc.
✓ Repair any loose cabinet doors
✓ Empty the garbage
✓ Remove any pet food and water bowls before the showing
✓ Organize the pantry to look nice and neat


✓ Make the beds
✓ Clear bedside tables and dressers
✓ Store daily necessities in drawers or closets
✓ Organize closets to be nice and neat

Laundry room:

✓ Store all supplies in cupboards
✓ Keep all surfaces and sink clean and empty
✓ Remove all clothing (dirty or clean)


✓ Clear and clean all surfaces
✓ Clean any moldy areas in showers and baths
✓ Replace caulking if needed to make it look new
✓ Organize cabinets to look nice and neat
✓ Keep toilet lids CLOSED at all time
✓ Coordinate all linens so it looks nice visually

And you’re done! Good job, your house is ready for a showing. Quick tip: keep your house clean and show-ready at all times. Change the fixtures as soon as they break, empty the garbage often, and vacuum at least every other day especially if you are kids and pets. Be proactive rather than reactive. You never know when a prospect buyer will book a last minute viewing.

I hope this checklist will serve you well. Remember, I am only a phone call away if you have any questions.

Take care and good luck!

All the best,